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Provide "WOW, Exceptional Service" To Your Customers through Effective Restaurant Marketing Ideas - 06/24/2009

Over the next few days we are going to give you 9 areas to Provide "WOW, Exceptional Service" To Your Customers through Effective Restaurant Marketing Ideas

"WOW, Exceptional Service!" needs to be delivered with a little pizzazz in order to bring instant recognition from the Guest. How and when should you deliver "WOW" to the Guest? We will discuss this in the detail over the next few days. The second part: "Exceptional Service" is delivered 100% of the time. "WOW" is delivered in the Nine areas as outlined below. These are effective Restaurant Marketing Ideas that will dramatically increase your restaurant's sales and profits.

Here is an overview of the NINE areas:

1. Potential Customers - Selected at random for special "WOW" treatment.

2. Current Customers - "Exceptional Service" is built into the Guest Dining Cycle, but "WOW" is done at random and as a surprise and unexpected event for the Guest.

3. Special Events - You should look for the opportunity to create "WOW, Exceptional Service!" to make Special Events ... Extra Special! Involve your Customers - These Nine potential times of "WOW, Exceptional Service!" have been listed to get you to think of all the different opportunities that are possible to "WOW" the Guest.

4. Customer Complaints - You need to learn to love complaints. Complaints give you the opportunity to save a Customer who might be on their way to a competitor. Convey the feeling: "I will do something about the problem." Then do something to solve the problem. There is no better time to provide "WOW, Exceptional Service!" than when a Customer is upset ... so go overboard to provide Guest Satisfaction.

5. Customer Compliments - Management should always give all the credit for doing good to the Employees and assume all responsibility if something goes wrong.

6. When you have a waiting list/line - Customers hate lines and waiting lists so "WOW" them.

7. After the meal - This is the perfect time to do something extra "WOW!" the customers.

8. At any Impromptu Time - Watch for opportunities to provide "WOW, Exceptional Service!"

9. "WOW" the Children - Children are also your future Customers.

10. Special Events- Involve your Customers.

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