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Congratulations, you've found the Nightclub and Bar Marketing website that will help you dramatically increase your sales and profit. Increased profit will increase the quality of your life.

Nightclub and bar owners work long hours, and too often for little reward. You're open 'til very late, and by the time clean-up is done, it's almost time to start another day. Of course, if you're making enough profit you can hire someone to fill in and you can take a little time off.

How many hours did you work last week? How many hours did you work yesterday? Is there any real reason to believe you will be able to work less hours this week?

Do you want to improve the quality of your life?

Can you imagine having enough quality help so you can go in to work a little later every day knowing that everything is ready, you're fully staffed, and you're ready to start exceeding the expectations of every guest. In fact....

Wouldn't it be nice to take a
couple days off every week?

and not worry about the things that weren't getting done because you're not there?

You can do that! All you need is to focus on marketing to build your sales and realize that you must use qualified and trained help to make sure every order and every customer is treated the way you would treat them yourself - maybe better! Your help can do this because they're not each trying to do all the jobs that you try to do each day. They are focusing on the customer.

Does it sound like a fairy tale?

It doesn't have to be. All you have to do is schedule enough help and reward them for making customers happy.

Are you making enough money to do that? Or are you stuck in a pattern of long days and low profits because you think you can't afford qualified help?

In fact, the reason you are working so many hours to reduce costs is so you can increase profits. But in reality, that seldom works. The only effective path to significant profit increases and gaining control of your nightclub and bar is increased sales.

If You're Ready to Take Control of Your
Nightclub or Bar and
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ron wilkinson

Dear Nightclub or Bar Owner:
November 29, 2015

Thousands of nightclub and bar owners across the country are making more money than you can imagine.

Why Can't You?

--Ron Wilkinson--

It's really a lot easier than you think. All you really need is someone who has already experienced the success that you are looking for in nightclub or bar promotion. Someone who will share their secrets with you and show you step-by-step exactly what you have to do to dramatically increase your nightclub or bar profits.

You see, I've experienced the same problems that you do every day. And I know what works and what doesn't. I've found the solutions!

Ron Wilkinson

  • Do you have seasonal sales slumps?
  • Do you have slow days and/or nights?
  • Are you sick and tired of competing on price when you know your nightclub or bar is much better than your competitors?
  • Have you had a new competitor open up down the street?
  • Is there road construction that makes it hard for customers to get to your nightclub or bar?
  • Is it hard to see your nightclub or bar from the street?
  • Do you have limited parking?
  • Is the city growing away from you?
  • Are your sales flat, or even worse, decreasing?

How much money have you already spent this year on advertising and marketing for your nightclub or bar that just didn't work?

Have you ever asked yourself, "What if there is a highly profitable way to reverse my downward spiral of sales and profits? What if there are clearly defined steps that would lead me to increased profits, to have more time to do the things I really need to do, to succeed in my Nightclub and Bar?"

What if there was a highly profitable way to reverse your downward spiral of sales and profits? What if there were clearly defined steps that would lead you to increased profits, to have more time to do the things you really need to do, to succeed in your nightclub or bar?

Wouldn't it be great if you could have the marketing for your nightclub or bar put on autopilot?

Would you like to be filled to capacity when other nightclubs or bars are slow?

How far will you let your sales and profits slip before you take action? How long will you wait to follow the steps to success? Will you wait until it's too late?

This Doesn't Need to Happen to You!

You can quickly learn the secrets to bringing in new customers and creating massive new profits!

Hundreds of nightclub and bar owners across the country have used certain highly successful techniques to increase sales and profits. In many cases these techniques have literally saved their businesses from bankruptcy.

I have learned these techniques, and created the steps that will allow anyone to easily implement them and take advantage of the 50 years that I have spent in foodservice.

My nightclub and bar experience began when I purchased a 5-1/2 acre landmark property up Ogden Canyon in Ogden, Utah. The property contained The Club Hermitage which had seating for close to 500 people.

Running a Club

I quickly found out that running a club was different than anything I had ever done in my life. When you have a club that will seat nearly 500, how do you fill it on Sunday through Thursday?

People who frequented the club were there to have fun. How do you make it fun all of the time?

Have Fun! Have Fun! All nightclubs and bars are always being faced with this challenge. You need to "Make it Fun!" But, at the same time everything you do must be absolutely legal; otherwise you will create trouble with the liquor authorities and/or police.

The first objective of marketing at Club Hermitage was to entice current and new customers to visit the club to relax and to have fun; instead of drinking their favorite alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages at your competitor's business or at their home.

Our marketing needed to distinguish our club from all the other choices. We developed fun activities that differentiated us from our competitors. The goal is to do full-house business during the busy times and to dramatically increase sales during the slow periods of the day and week.

Marketing to Local Customers

We found the quickest way to increase our sales was to market to our current customers by having special activities. These activities would make Club Hermitage the "hottest" spot in town.

There were many ways that we were able to differentiate our club from the competitors. We developed our own "calendar of events" and "special promotions" that would work for the club.

Some of the most eager new customers are individuals who are just turning to the ripe old age of legal drinking. While this age may vary from state to state, a postcard inviting them to the Hermitage was very effective.

Steps to Success

We immediately established a database for most of our customers, especially the local customers, and we used email, direct mail, fax for businesses, telephone and the Internet to communicate with the members of our VIP Club.

We discreetly placed fish bowls within the business and held regular lucky draws for gift certificates good for special prizes. We tried not to let a patron visit the Club Hermitage without "capturing" their name, address, telephone number, email address, fax number (if it is a business), birth date, and anniversary.

The only reason we gathered database information was so we could market to the individual preferences of our VIP members throughout the year, to invite them to our special events and reward them on their birthdays and anniversaries.

The program we used allowed us to put customers into different groups according to their interests and preferences.

Our database of regular guests was a veritable gold mine.

Involving the Customers

Promotions in every nightclub or bar should be run to provide entertainment for the customers, employees and the management/owners of the business. The key purpose is to make it fun. You cannot run effective promotions without the support and enthusiasm of the employees and the management team.

The first rule that you need to use for marketing is to involve the customer. Customers want to be personally known and to feel like they are important to the business.

One way to make the customer "feel good" or "feel important" is simply to talk to them and get them involved. This facilitates the very best marketing possible... word-of-mouth.

Measure the success of all your promotions by the promotion's effect on the bottom line. If you have the seating capacity, bring in a big name every two to three months and use other activities and events to compliment the big name.

Big names increase traffic before and after, as well as, during the event. The big names will keep your nightclub or bar in the limelight. It's the place where the action is.

Community Events

At the Club Hermatige we ran two large annual events to tie into community events which were held at the same time each year. We brought the biggest names in during these events and many times we featured a sponsor. We have kept the same sponsor(s) year after year.

Having a sponsor allowed us to do an additional "media blitz" for the special event, spotlighting the sponsor on all in-house and outside marketing. These events were a lot of fun and helped us to keep a positive high-profile in the community.

We found that a good promotion encouraged our customers to stay longer and spend more money than originally planned. We found that we needed to have an atmosphere wherein they began to have a good time as soon as they entered the club.

When Club Hermitage had special events, especially when we brought in the big names, we notified our VIP Club members first. We sent out a four-page newsletter monthly and an eight-page newsletter for our two annual events.

This was essential! Our VIP customers were regular guests that spend a lot. These were our most profitable customers. Every marketing campaign that we did had to be profitable or we just didn't do it, and the VIP Club Members were the key. Because we were tracking our marketing, we knew the profitability of every Club Hermitage promotion.

More Time and More Money!

Because of the increased sales and profits, I was able to cut my work load to about 45 hours a week and spend some quality time with my family. I found that the most important factor in my success was marketing.

Each new additional dollar of business that I was bringing in after I paid the fixed expenses was adding about 54% profit to the bottom line! But the neat thing is I was delegating much of my marketing to my key employees, while I focused on the overall marketing objectives and evaluated the profitability of each marketing campaign.

Sales went through the roof!

It was great! Over the next 60 days I learned which marketing worked and what didn't.

I carefully put together a three ring binder to record every marketing campaign and promotion that I tried. I found that some nightclub and bar promotions were wasteful and ineffective while other nightclub and bar promotions packed in the customers and added thousands of dollars to my bottom line.

The marketing "secrets" that I learned exploded my sales immediately. It was hard to hire and train enough employees to take care of the increased business. Over the next six months I carefully put together a Nightclub and Bar Marketing System that was wildly successful.

I hired a general manager to focus on operations and a marketing representative to contact the local businesses and very quickly doubled my business. My profits began to increase. In the next 45 days I increased my bottom line by over $6,000!

And this was just the beginning! As I learned more about marketing, sales and profits continued to increase. Soon I was running a nightclub and bar that was one of the largest in the area. Owning a nightclub and bar began to be fun and exciting.

With thousands of dollars of increased profits on the bottom line, The pressure was off!

And now, you can learn the same techniques.

50 Years of
Nightclub and Bar
Marketing Secrets Revealed!

Over the years these marketing secrets were compiled into step-by-step marketing techniques. Over 50 years in foodservice and over 10 years in nightclub and bar marketing, they grew and grew until they formed the most comprehensive marketing system in the nightclub and bar industry.

I wanted other nightclub and bar owners (the ones who weren't my competitors), to share this information and to be able to have the same kind of success that I had experienced. nightclub and bar marketing can be frustrating and unpredictable.

Now other nightclub and bar owners can avoid the frustration of marketing that costs money and doesn't work. Using this system you can have successful and profitable marketing in your nightclub or bar every time. Owning a nightclub or bar can be fun for everyone!

That's why I began my highly successful campaign to increase profits for nightclubs and bars, and it worked!

Because I have been through the same frustrations and challenges that you face every day, I know that by using these unique nightclub or bar marketing techniques you will be able to increase your sales and profits dramatically in a matter of weeks! Nightclub and bar owners from coast-to-coast have proven that it's impossible to fail using these programs.

In fact, I have a unique "Fast Start" program for helping you market your nightclub and bar where I guarantee increased profits or my services are FREE!

That's Right, FREE!

Is marketing still a cost for your nightclub or bar?
How would you like to
generate guaranteed increased profits,
from every marketing campaign you run?

Remember, after you reach your break-even point each month, increased nightclub or bar sales will put 40% to 60% net profit on your bottom line!

Most nightclub and bar owners make 2.5% to 4% net profit, some as high as ten percent. But once I discovered the secrets of successful nightclub or bar marketing, I was consistently generating 15% to 20% and more net profits! That may be almost a 1000% increase in profit for some nightclubs and bars!

Now you can learn how to increase the profits for your nightclub or bar. Read what Ron Doty has to say:

Ron Doty

Ron Doty owns TJ Finnegan's Pub in Mankato, MN. TJ's is famous for delicious wood-fired pizza and great entertainment. When it comes to marketing using the techniques he's learned from the Nightclub & Bar Marketing Group, Ron says:

"For every dollar I spend what I get back is probably 25 to 1.... In fact last night we had a birthday pizza and a $325.00 party and we gave away one birthday pizza. They used no other coupons, no discounts, no nothing. That's really nice...the bill ended up being 325 bucks. The servers are happy, I'm happy."

He sends out Thank You cards to everyone that joins his VIP Club, inviting them to come on back to his nightclub. Ron says, "...the Thank You cards I send out, amount to 1400 - 1500 dollars of additional profit a month...".

Ron Doty
TJ Finnegan's
Mankato, MN

If You Want to Put Thousands of Dollars
of New Profit in Your Pocket...
Keep Reading ...

You can learn these nightclub and bar marketing secrets, and begin increasing profits to change your life for the better. Owning a nightclub or bar can be fun, and you can gain control of your nightclub or bar and actually have time for your family! Increased sales is the key!

Have you read other marketing books and manuals? Some of them are good, but none of them seem to focus on step-by-step instructions that make it easy to execute the ideas that they suggest.

Some of the books have excellent nightclub and bar marketing ideas, but they seem to assume that you know how to make it work in your community and in your nightclub or bar. Some of them tell you how to write an ad, but don't help you discover what it is that your customers want to hear.

Some of them help you bring in some new customers, but ignore all the additional profit you can make selling ad-ons. And some of them just don't do anything well.

The biggest problem in your nightclub or bar
is not making enough money.
How would you like to change that?

Don't Wait!

Begin Adding Hundreds of Dollars in New Profit
to Your Bottom Line Each Day by Downloading
Volume 1 - Marketing Strategies
of Your Nightclub & Bar Marketing System Today.

Starting today, you don't have to worry about marketing your nightclub or bar. Your marketing doesn't have to be a cost to your bottom line, it can become additional profit every time you market.

The Nightclub and Bar Master Marketing System will give you the step-by-step instructions you need to increase your sales and train your staff to take maximum advantage of all this new business!

You can start right now by downloading the first volume of the Nightclub & Bar Master Marketing System, Volume #1 - Marketing Strategies. You can easily pay for the entire cost of the marketing system before the printed copy of your Nightclub & Bar Master Marketing System is delivered, just by using a few of the in-store techniques detailed in Volume 1. Download it Today when you get the Nightclub & Bar Master Marketing System.

Here are just some of the subjects covered
In the Nightclub & Bar Master Marketing System:

valued at $89.97!

Marketing Strategies
(40 pages)

  • Make each guest experience fun.
  • Everything you do must be absolutely legal.
  • How to establish a VIP Club
  • Everyone likes to win, SO have contests.
  • Make sure everybody wins
  • Guests, who have fun, spend more money.
  • Print your own money - Bonus Bucks
  • Use barter - increase profit.
  • Become a public relations expert.
  • Learn how to delegate marketing.
  • Market theme nights and a calendar of events.
  • Use a calendar to plan "fun activities" every night

Market special events by taking low-cost promotions and fiting them into a calendar of events. The goal is to have a 12-Month AutoPilot Marketing Program using email, direct mail using postcards and newsletters, fax and/or email for business.

This manual will show you how to plan the majority of your marketing to be delivered by email to homes and fax to businesses whenever possible. It will discuss games that will excite and involve your customers.

The number and extent of games you can hold in your nightclub or bar is only limited by your imagination. Don't let a small budget stand in the way of your creativity. Many of these promotions are low-cost programs, yet they attract a lot of attention and bring in extra revenue.

The key is to use elements that are now popular in the entertainment, business and sports fields and incorporate these elements into your games, contests and promotions. You can also contact your suppliers and distributors and ask them what fun and games events have worked in other businesses that they regularly service.

In addition, you may want to run cross-promotions with businesses in your market area. Ask them to supply some of the prizes. Don't forget the office employees that work near your location. Invite them in for a lunch/dinner special. You need to make your nightclub, bar, or sports bar/Lounge "The Party Place."

valued at $89.97!

Volume #2
Marketing Strategies
(40 pages)

  • Select promotions that interest your customers.
  • Plan events 4-6 months in advance.
  • Fun and games at the bar.
  • It's show time.
  • How do servers get so smart?
  • Wheel of Fortune type promotions.
  • Monday Night Football Club.
  • A different promotion each night
  • Organize a comedy night

Customers love to laugh and with the popularity of such TV shows as "NBC's Saturday Night Live," "Live at the Improv" and "The David Letterman Show," it proves that comedy is still alive and well. Stand-up comic contests are much more successful than holding a write-in joke contest.

Patrons like to hear jokes told out loud rather than read about them. If you find a joke contest attracts a large following in your community then you can have different theme nights (animal jokes, sports jokes and stories/jokes about male-female relationships.)

You will get everyone coming to you for a good laugh!

Bar games are able to liven up any business. Whatever games you play or promotions you run make sure the timing is right. If the room has no energy, then your promotion/game will be a flop (even if it's the best game in town.)

valued at $89.97!

Marketing Strategies
(40 pages)

  • Use your customers as the "Live Entertainment"
  • Wanna be Wednesday
  • Shooter merchandising
  • Taste test and samplings
  • Holiday promotions at the bar
  • Festivals can provide a change of pace
  • Seven day Mardi Gras celebration
  • Birthday party extravaganza!
  • New Years Eve bash.
  • Bar activities that distinguished you from your competition

Bars, lounges and night clubs can be BIG money makers. They can also sit empty and be neglected. The choice is yours. Quite often, your customers need the little extra push to spend more of their money. You need to provide that little extra push so they'll stay, have fun and spend a little more.

With sport promotions, taste testings, festivals, theme parties, crazy promotions, birthdays, holiday promotions, shooter events, live entertainment, and simply fun games, you can accomplish this. It will not only increase their stay, it will bring in new customers and you will become: "The Place to Hang Out"

Nightclub and Bar Marketing Strategies include step-by-step instructions to create highly profitable nightclub and bar marketing campaigns including zip code saturation campaigns, new move-ins, birthday celebrations, Employee challenge promotions, and many other hot and profitable marketing strategies.

Guest Service Manual

valued at $39.97!

"Bar Tricks and Magic" (16 pages)

  • Performance bartending takes a flair.
  • People want to be entertained.
  • Practice makes perfect.
  • The great don't stay great by resting on their laurels.
  • Creating room energy
  • Let the show begin.

People go out to a night club or bar to mingle and to have fun. They want to be recognized and to feel at ease. Bartenders are the key to making sure the guest feels welcome.

Bartenders should always be "working the room" to make everyone feel that they are guests at a very special event. It is a great idea to have the bartender introduce themselves to every guest at the bar. Get on a one-to-one relationship as quickly as you can.

Bartenders need to provide the entertainment when the pace of activities slow down and when customers are not involved in conversation with friends.

This entertainment is called Performance Bartending and should be a second priority to service. A cardinal rule for all bartenders is that service comes first. Guests have to be served promptly.

A great tool for performance bartending is the "Bar Tricks and Magic Manual" which includes some very simple activities. Your bartenders can familiarize themselves with the Bar Tricks and Magic and can use them for entertaining their guests.

Dazzle your customer with easy-to-perform bar tricks and magic from the Night Club and Bar Marketing Group Bar Tricks and Magic Book.

The secret to catching the imagination and the loyalty of your customers is exceeding their expectations. Use the Bar Tricks and Magic manual to create room energy, increase tips, and increase drink sales! Your customers will come back again and again to see what new tricks you have.

This manual emphasizes that the guest always comes first and gives suggestions to accomplish this goal. It discusses the "little things" that make a big difference to the guest.

valued at $59.97!

Liquor Dictionary (60 pages)

This Liquor Dictionary and Bar Terms Manual was put together as a reference book for individuals involved in the Night Club and Bar industry. This reference manual represents a basic summary of better-known products, both domestic and foreign. Many of the product names are trademarked or registered and are included in the dictionary to provide a complete reference for you and your employees.

Good job performance and efficiency require workers to be familiar with many unique terms used in a commercial beverage operation. The Bar Terms Glossary lists the more common terms used throughout the Night Club and Bar industry.

In addition to industry definitions, there is other important information your employees need to know. Make every one of your bartenders a pro with the bartending information manual, this encyclopedia of bartender information and a valuable assortment of additional information to increase your sales and profits of wine and liquor.

From lemon peels to exotic liquors, the Bartender Information Manual will have basic information for your new bartenders.

valued at $99.97!

Bartender Information Manual
(28 pages)

Your new employees will quickly learn:
  • Customer service techniques
  • Beverage preparation and showmanship
  • Types of liquor
  • Types of liquor service
  • Mixers, garnishes and condiments
  • Glassware
  • Equipment definitions
  • Measurements

In any industry, few things are as important as reputation. Customers choose a particular Nightclub and Bar to patronize because of that business' reputation for providing quality product and service at reasonable cost. Nowhere is reputation more important than in Nightclubs and Bars.

With the many choices available today, the customer chooses a club because of things he or she has heard or experienced - Reputation. Without its own unique atmosphere, any club is indistinguishable from any other. One way to enhance both service and atmosphere in a business is through liquor or bar service.

Providing such a service can be quite lucrative, not only from the profits of the alcohol, but also because liquor or bar service allows a guest to relax in a way that even the best atmosphere cannot duplicate alone. Providing liquor service and a good atmosphere together is almost always a winning combination.

The purpose of this manual is to assist in the set up of a good liquor or bar service. It is the aim of this manual, to add some of the flamboyance and flair so necessary for good liquor or bar service.

Few people go to a bar just to drink. The presentation of a product is often just as important as the product itself, and in the case of alcoholic beverages, presentation consists of the way the drink is prepared and how it is served, not just how it tastes.

Remember that proper garnish and glassware add to the presentation of the drink, as does the way the ingredients are combined. Proper glassware and garnish may take a bit of extra effort, but the results are surely worth it as you will see when customers return again and again, and refer their friends to you as well.

This manual was written for both the guest and the bartender or owner of a business. Read it, learn the methods and tricks, and feel free to add to or embellish things at will.

You Will Learn Step-by-Step, Highly Profitable Nightclub and Bar Marketing Campaigns,

And wait, there is more!

You will also receive the 2 following special reports with your Nightclub and Bar Master Marketing System

valued at $99.97!

Marketing With Postcards
(32 pages)

  • Low cost nightclub and bar marketing
  • Effective use of color advertising
  • Examples of effective postcards
  • Discover and market your Nightclub or Bar's
    "unique selling proposition"
  • Testing your marketing campaigns to maximize profit
  • The best headlines to use for marketing your Nightclub or Bar
  • Creating a VIP Club for a nightclub or bar
  • Maximizing Repeat Business

Personalized postcards are the least costly direct mail tool that can capture a prospect's imagination with full-color images.

When you use color pictures in postcards, you give your prospects permission to conjure up an actual image of what you are offering them. People think in pictures, not words.

Images are far more impressive than words. They are more precise and potent in triggering memory, decision-making, and associations than the world's greatest sales copy could ever hope to be. Don't make the common mistake of mailing black and white postcards!

Wage your war against the crippling "attention crisis" in America today -- use color whenever you market with postcards. If you do, prospects will respond to your messages much more often.

The Marketing With Postcards Manual includes actual examples of effective postcards. It will help you discover the unique selling proposition for your nightclub or bar. This includes the best headlines to use; how to create a VIP Club and how to dominate your market area.

It gives sample ideas for your initial marketing campaign and how to start your marketing right. It discusses "testing." figuring your return-on-investment, and a recap of your initial saturation marketing campaign. It gives a lot of suggestions for additional marketing and a marketing time-line for a rapid sales increase.

valued at $29.97!

Raise Your Prices
(8 pages)

  • When should you raise your prices?
  • Increase prices but keep your customers
  • Don't market on price alone, sell value
  • Evaluate and test specials to raise your prices
  • Give "WOW, Exceptional Service!"
  • Know your sales mix before raising prices
  • Customers perceptions of pricing
  • Maximize profit with a Profit-Builder Menu

Do you think that raising your prices
will drive off customers?

It doesn't have to!

In fact, raising your prices can even attract more business.


How does that work? Well, if your nightclub or bar isn't already on a constant growing cycle where your sales and profits are continually increasing, then perhaps you should think long and hard about this next question:

Are you marketing on price, or are you marketing on what makes your nightclub or bar different and better than your competition?

Marketing on price is a short path to lost sales and profits. Someone can always beat your price and take the customers that are shopping only for the cheapest price! Use the "Raise Your Prices" Manual to help you raise your prices while you improve your sales.

This manual will help you earn a fair profit on all the food and beverages you sell, while increasing the perceived value of your service to your customers.

More profit for you, and more value for your customers.
What a winning combination!

And if you use highly effective, low-cost marketing to tell your customers about this terrific value, your sales will skyrocket. We'll show you how to make this happen.

How much time have you already invested
reading about seemingly great
nightclub or bar marketing ideas...

and trying to figure out how to make them work
for your nightclub or bar?

If you could make an extra $5,000.00 in profit this month, would that make a difference in your life? What if you could make a$10,000 additional profit this month?

What if you could make more than that? Some of my clients are making over $10,000 of new profit each month. Think how that would change the way you run your nightclub or bar!

If you're like most nightclub or bar owners, you've spent thousands of dollars on nightclub or bar marketing and marketing materials that have made you no profit whatsoever.

So how much would you expect to pay an hour to learn the secrets of the best and most profitable nightclub and bar marketing experts? $100, $200, or even $500 dollars an hour??

It would cost you that and more to hire these experts to help you,
but now you can learn these secrets
from the Nightclub and Bar Master Marketing System!

How much additional profit do you want to make in your nightclub or bar? $5000.00 a month? $10,000 a month? or even more?

The Nightclub and Bar Master Marketing System is an outstanding value, but that's not all!

You will also receive
3 Additional Bonus Offers!

Mark Tranchina
Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse
Samuria Lounge
Staten Island, NY

Mark Tranchina, with Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse Samuria Lounge has been using the Nightclub and Bar Marketing groups (NCB) coaching and marketing techniques for over 4 years now. Mark says, " I have never had the kind of success in marketing that I have now experience with NCB techniques.

I have literally increased sales by 3 or 4 times over what I was doing before on some campaigns. And new profits are out of sight and the instructions are so easy to follow that an hourly employee doing all the day-to-day work. Profits are up at least $10,000 a month, and I'm spending less time doing marketing.

Bonus #1
Personalized Coaching

Valued at $300.00!

As a Special Bonus Offer, and just to make sure there are no unanswered marketing questions for you as you use your new Nightclub and Bar Master Marketing System I will include three 30-minute marketing coaching sessions for FREE!

The Nightclub and Bar Marketing Group coaches have helped Nightclubs and Bars all across the US and Canada increase their profits and gain control of their marketplace with simple and effective marketing campaigns. They work with your Nightclub or Bar one-on-one and find the solutions that are best for you.

You will learn techniques that will help you focus on your Unique Selling Proposition and help you increase your sales without giving away your profits. Anyone can bring in customers by selling for less; let me show you how to increase your business while you charge MORE!

Valued at $300.00!

Three one-on-one coaching appointments with our Nightclub & Bar marketing experts can
literally make you Thousands of Dollars!

One good marketing idea from our coaching team can increase your profits by 300% and fill your nightclub or bar on otherwise slow weekday nights!

"This is the best marketing that you can do," says Bill Dempsey of Dempsey's Brewery Pub. Bill's sales and profits are up, way up. "last year was the best year we have ever had and this year is up over 20% compared to last year. Competition is fierce. They open up some national chain restaurants very often around us, but we continue to grow because our restaurant has done our marketing right."

Bill Dempsey
Dempsey's Brewery Pub
Watertown, SD

Valued at $97.00!

Bonus #2
Nightclub Marketing CD

If you order your Nightclub and Bar Master Marketing System now, I will include absolutely FREE, another bonus:

"Creating a Restaurant, Nightclub or Bar Marketing Machine"

"Creating a Restaurant, Nightclub or Bar Marketing Machine" is a live recording of a marketing Web Teleseminar focusing on marketing for restaurants, nightclubs and bars. It features Ron Wilkinson and Terry Morey.

Ron and Terry spent an hour with nightclub and bar owners, discussing highly effective nightclub and bar marketing techniques, and answering specific questions about how to market their nightclubs or bars. Learn the secrets used by the most successful independent nightclub and bar owners all across the country.

This valuable CD has a value of $97.00, But I will give it to you FREE when you order the Nightclub and Bar Master Marketing System!

Brad Snyder
Famous Sam's
Sierra Vista, AZ

Brad Snyder is a 13 year veteran of Famous Sam's Sports Bar and operates the Sierra Vista Arizona location. He also heads up marketing for the six unit franchisee. "With 6,000 names in the database, that means I average over 500 birthdays a month, which brings in at least $10,000 in additional sales," says Brad.

That means over $5,000 in additional profit. "The birthday mailings are showing the best returns. Over 50% of the customers we invite come in and they bring 4 - 7 people with them, sometimes more. I'm spending less time doing marketing.

The check averages are much higher because people like to spend more on their birthdays because it's a celebration."

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